David & Raquel Lazo

Lead Pastors

Pastor David Lazo has been involved in full time ministry for twenty years and is the Founder and President of Church of Power, serving the spiritual needs of the Hispanic community. He and his wife Raquel of 30 years, and their two children Jestine and Israel, have experienced a supernatural visitation by the Holy Spirit, and have received clear direction from God in leading the Hispanic community to a greater encounter with Him in the City of Anaheim, California.

Pastor David was called by God to lead a bilingual church in 1992, and within a short time Church of Power became a powerful “Faith Bible Teaching” church. Pastor David and his wife Raquel are currently ordained Pastors through World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio. Pastor Rod Parsley commissioned them at that time with a fresh Holy Ghost anointing that literally changed the course of Pastor’s lives and their church. Pastor David saw Jesus preparing him to lead the church in the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit have been in manifestation in a powerful way. The blind receive their sight, the deaf hear, cripples get up and walk and cancers and tumors melt away as Jesus Christ demonstrates His power to this generation through the ministry of Pastor David.

Pastor David and his wife also have an anointed ministry of reaching out to marriages through the marriage Conferences they provide. The Ministry “United in Love” is an integral part of their ministry. The emphasis is to raise the standards in the Christ-centered families of today by healing damaged emotions within marriages, and restoring them through the wonder-working power of God. Exceptional teachings take place in these conferences that provide encouragement and an enriched-fulfilled marital life for the marriages of today. They also have their professional Certification in Marriage and Counseling through the American Association of Christian Counselors, Inc.

Pastor David is part of the Evangelistic Team of the Evangelical Association of Alberto Mottesi. He is also very involved in the City of Anaheim with active community leaders. He is a Chaplain for the City of Anaheim’s Police Department consisting of over 500 police officers. He is also the Director of the World Harvest Ministerial Fellowship in the south region area of California under the direction of Senior Pastor Rod Parsley. His son Israel is a graduate of Valor Christian College in Columbus, Ohio and his daughter Jestine is the Worship Team Leader. Pastor David was born in the city of Alajuela, Costa Rica in 1963. He and his family reside in the city of Anaheim, California.


Israel Lazo

Associate Pastor

Pastor Israel Lazo has been preaching since he was 13 years old. He grew up in ministry alongside his sister, Jestine, and learned a lot about ministry from his father and mother, Pastors David and Raquel Lazo. He studied at the International School of Ministry and graduated at the age of 18 with a degree in Biblical Studies. After that, he heard God calling him to Valor Christian College at World Harvest Church in Ohio under the powerful direction of Pastor Rod Parsley. There, Pastor Israel received a tangible anointing that would change his life forever. While he obtained an Associates Degree in Pastoral Leadership at Valor, he was voted as Student Body President and was given the Pastoral Medal of Honor from Pastor Parsley, which is the highest honor given at the college. He is currently working closely with The Apex Generation, LifeGroups, and is Director of Power Christian College at Church of Power. He is also currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Ministry from Ohio Christian University.


Pastor Jestine Rodriguez

Worship Pastor

Born on June 21, 1985 to Pastor’s David and Raquel Lazo, they instantly knew that this young woman would be special! Raised in a God fearing home with a high standard of excellence and an expectation of leading a Christ centered life, Pastor Jestine Rodriguez lived a life seeking to please God! She had a zeal for worship and enthusiastically served the Lord in every area possible.

After graduating high school in 2003, Jestine boarded a plane to Columbus, OH to attend VCC under the direction of Pastor Rod Parsley. She had a desire to reach the hearts of many through a profound worship experience and was able to perfect her gift during her stay in Ohio.

Upon completion of her studies, Jestine returned to Church of Power and took the position as Lead Worship Pastor at the age of 19 and has been serving under her father’s direction ever since. She currently resides in Anaheim, California with her husband Frederick Rodriguez and baby boy Jaden Joshua Rodriguez.